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St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Welcome to Saint Thomas The Apostle Catholic Church, Las Vegas! It is our hope that you find St. Thomas to be your worship home as you seek God’s way for your life. We have a wide variety of opportunities for worship, service, education, and community available to share our time and talents in the service of our brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus the Lord.


Focus On Our Mission

At St. Thomas we have a special heart for Catholics who are no longer attending Mass, or who are searching because of past pains and impositions which have left them feeling separated, marginalized, abused, or scandalized but nevertheless still seeking a valid, authentic way to be Catholic and in God’s presence in today’s chaotic world. We want you to experience the fullness of the gospel message and its saving grace through Christ Jesus our Lord.


Schedule of Masses


All are welcome to fully participate in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist and all are invited to receive Holy Communion.


This is what the Vatican say about Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church and other independent Catholic Churches throughout the world.

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To make arrangements, contact the Parish Office at 702-655-5840 or Email Bishop Brian for more information
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